Overview Of The Confederation Centre Of The Arts

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Inside Confederation Centre of The Arts

Overview Of The Confederation Centre Of The Arts

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Located in Charlottetown, on Prince Edward Island, there is a business called the Confederation Centre of the Arts. It is a cultural centre, one that is dedicated to performing and visual arts, and has been in operation since 1964, officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II. It receives its funding from provincial governments, as well as the federal government, and is directly involved in the Charlottetown Festival. Here is an overview of how it got started, and how it plays a large role in the lives of those on Prince Edward Island.

Confederation Centre Of The Arts

This complex is located right in the middle of Charlottetown. In fact, upon first glance, it’s quite intimidating. It actually occupies an entire city block, made up of four sandstone cubes. Most people report a very people friendly atmosphere, the official memorial for the founding fathers of Canada. Not only can you enjoy live music, but also enjoy ice cream with friends and family, enjoying noontime shows in the amphitheater. Inside you will see some newly opened exhibits including The Story of Confederation. Across the Pavilion, you can also see the Confederation Centre Art Gallery, the location for all of the contemporary art exhibits. You will also find historical artifacts that have been collected over the years, adding to the history of this area. Most people enjoy going to live theater attractions. In fact, the Charlottetown Festival is considered as one of the best producers of Canadian musicals including Anne of the Green Gables and Mamma Mia! Once you are done looking at all of the exhibits and live entertainment, you can step into Mavor’s courtyard so that you can enjoy some of the best dining in the city, and a drink, before the next show starts. As you can see we highly recommend going to the Confederation Centre of the Arts Charlottetown Festival if you have time!

How It All Began

This sensor was built as a result of money from different provinces, and the federal government, generating over C$5 million. The goal is to construct an enormous building that could contain all of the theater and arts, not only of Charlottetown, but throughout Prince Edward Island. This comes out to about $.30 from each Canadian that contributed, and was actually one of the first times that all of the provinces agreed to contribute to something that was not distinctly within their own boundaries. Prior to its construction, it used to be the Charlottetown marketplace, but now is the permanent home of art galleries, get shops, restaurants, and all things related to Canadian visual and performing arts.

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If you happen to be traveling to New Brunswick, and you decide to head over to Prince Edward Island, this is something that you will want to see. If you would like to learn about the history of the area, or simply catch a great show, you should spend a little time at the enormous Confederation Centre Of The Arts building complex, a place that will definitely complement your visit to the island whether you are from New Brunswick, or you are a tourist passing through.